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The Character Company

The Character Company is a non profit organisation doing long term MENtorship for young boys growing up without positive male
role models.

Our beautiful country is plagued by a host of social
challenges that find its root in the lack of attention to the boy child in
particular. There is not sufficient focus by positive male role models
to help establish a value system in the lives of the South African boy
child and the lack of identity that this causes leads to frustration that
ends in violence. We are losing our young people to drugs, gangs,
prisons and death as a result of this and only by taking action, not
talking, will we be able to fix this.

We need a dedicated approach to teach our young men to dream
again, dream of a better tomorrow, a better opportunity for their children one day and a better South Africa. 

To quote Mark Batterson

“Every dream is created twice. The first creation is mental.
Every invention, every business, every building, every painting
is conceived in the right-brain imagination first. It is nothing
more than a single-cell idea at that point. The second creation
is physical. You make it happen via blood, sweat and tears.”

“When I look at the preceding pages of dreams turned into reality, it fills me with such a sense of pride to be associated with an organisation like Cadcon. If there is one thing that Richard and his team know how to do, it is taking dreams and making them a reality through hard work and dedication. That commitment to less talking and more doing is also reflected in their approach to impact their community and invest in opportunities and people that can make this world a better place through the same approach. As an organisation dealing with social and behavioural change in the lost young men of our country, we value such partnerships. Too many people just talk or complain but we understand that by partnering with organisations that share the value of action, we can get the hard things done. As a business owner, would you not like to see a more dedicated work force, better work ethic, a less selfish approach to employment and the opportunity to raise real men that will not only be better employees but also better fathers and husbands. It is only when we understand that the development of character and skill must go hand in hand, no longer can we just teach someone how to do a job if we cannot at the same time teach him to do that job with pride. Investing in that future has never been easier because The Character Company is doing just that – raising boys to be good men. We would like to make use of this opportunity to congratulate each and every person at Cadcon on 30 years well done. The boys from The Character Company would like to thank you for investing in their lives, for stepping up and making things happen so that those less fortunate can get opportunities that shape their lives for the better. From the spectacular camp at Thakadu you hosted for us, the selfless support of transport to and from other camps over the years and most recently the donation and set up of a magnificent outdoor gym at our camp site in Hartebeespoort – each one of these made an impact far more than you can ever imagine. “

Jaco v Schalkwyk

Dad & Founder at The Character Company

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The Character Company

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